What is Glow Plug Failure?

  While providing information on understanding the glow plug failure, it is stated that the fault that causes the vehicle's fuel system to operate inefficiently is the glow plug failure, and it is noticed after the vehicle has difficulty starting in the morning. When the glow plug failure occurs, the vehicle may not start at all in cold weather. If it is observed that smoke is thrown from the exhaust, the engine malfunction lamp is on, the vehicle is running jerky and knocking, a glow plug failure has occurred. If the vehicle has low power, if the glow plug warning lamp comes on frequently if the vehicle is driven, a malfunction has developed. How to Check for Glow Plug Failure? Things to do to check for glow plug failure: The fuse is checked when the vehicle ignition is on. It is checked whether there is 12 volt electricity to the relay. It is checked whether 12 volts electrical current flows through the glow plug. If there is an electrical current below 12 volts, a fault